Brandon Ufugusuku Ing’s “Chijuyaa” on the DisOrient 2023 Film Festival

We think we first saw the video for Brandon Ufugusuku Ing’s “Chijuyaa” during one of the HUOA’s YouTube channel livestreams and thought it was an amazing arrangement of “Hamachiduri” and a very beautiful video. Now we’ll have a chance to watch it again as it’s been selected to be streamed on the DisOrient 2023 Film Festival! And if you love it be sure to support him on his Bandcamp.

Chijuyaa – the plover. Descendants of Okinawan immigrants in Hawai‘i perform a traditional Ryūkyūan song and dance, evoking memories of the past, and emotions of loneliness and yearning. Sung in Uchinaaguchi, one of the endangered Ryūkyūan languages.

It’ll be available for streaming from 3/13 to 3/19. The trailer is down below.

“Chijuyaa” Trailer via the 2023 DisOrient Film Festival

Miura Daichi Goes to Space (Kinda)

(via Twitter)

Miura Daichi recently released a new digital single (he’s been on quite a streak lately with new songs!) and this one takes him to space, well kinda. For his new song “ALOS”, Daichi is working with JAXA for their new “Daichi (ALOS)” satellite series. His single before this was the theme song for an anime and now he has a song literally going to space. So what’s next?! And you better believe the song is available everywhere on Earth and beyond! 🛰️👩🏻‍🚀👽

Anly Shares An Amazing Photo

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Anly recently shared a photo on her Twitter that’s mind-blowing 🤯 because it’s a pairing of one of the top pop music artists (Anly, of course) and folk music artists (Nakasone Hajime / R∞2) from Okinawa! If you follow us, you know that she did a collaboration with Hajime on her song “Alive” which is one of our favorites from her new album. She mentioned that it was the first time they performed together live! Amazing talent in this photo.

Shimoji Isamu’s “Karai”

Shimoji Isamu’s “Karai” Album Cover

I can’t believe it’s Shimoji Isamu’s first album in 4 years! Released on 12/24/22, “Karai” has a total of 12 tracks with an MV released for “Kyuu nu Yuu nu Suu” (the 2nd song on the album). What’s great is that it’s been released on all streaming platforms. Sadly, his back catalog hasn’t been released on streaming platforms but at least we now have hope that we’ll one day see them available to fans.

MV for “Kyuu nu Yuu nu Suu”

Film “Kiminisachiare yo” Stars Kobashigawa Tatsuru

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Coming to theaters this February is “Kiminisachiare yo” which stars Okinawan actor Kobashigawa Tatsuru (Waido from Okinawan Heroes) and fellow Okinawan actor and Waido cast member (the super cool) Tamayose Keiji. An interesting side note to the film is that it’s directed by Sakurai Keisuke who had a role in the NHK drama “Chimudondon” as one of the kitchen staff (Tamashima Masahiro). Below is the film’s trailer and it looks like an amazing story.