Himeyuri and Hawaii Exhibit Opens

The special exhibition “Himeyuri and Hawaii” had its opening on 10/1 and will run into 2/27. The exhibition is in two parts: “Himeyuri and the Battle of Okinawa” and “Himeyuri and Hawaii” and is available online in English and in Japanese. Having visited the Peace Museum in the past and learning about the horrific events, we feel the importance of bringing this story to as many people as possible. Here’s an excerpt from the website:

Out of the 240 Himeyuri students and teachers who had been mobilized, 136 lost their lives. Many of these casualties occurred after the Deactivation Order was given. […] The Battle of Okinawa was unprecedented for a land battle in that more than 200,000 perished including one-quarter of the native Okinawan population.


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