Crossing Cats: Enamel Pins! (Kickstarter)

Less than a week to go to help back artist Nami Oshiro’s Kickstarter project “Crossing Cats: Enamel Pins!“. As the name of the Kickstarter hints at, the enamel pins are inspired by our favorite game Animal Crossing! Here’s an excerpt about the project:

Hello! I’m Nami, and I design cat pins. I’ve spent the past few years making designs for every single cat from a certain beloved video game about cute animals, and now I’d like to turn as many of them as I can into enamel pins for everyone to enjoy!

Although our favorite Luchuan villager Rory (アーサー) isn’t one of the featured pins (he’s too big of a cat 😆), there are a lot of other cool cats to choose from.

Make your own pair of cute shisa dolls


I’m not quite the craft-y type but if I were, I’d make me a pair of these cute plush doll shīsā. So I’m posting this entry for the folks out there who know their way around yarn and needlework. There are step-by-step instructions (albeit in Japanese but there are pics that help) on the site as well as a PDF how-to that can be downloaded and printed out. If you do decide to make one, I’d love to see a pic. 🙂