Two New Nendoroids from Okinawa Anime to be Released

We believe this is a first. The popular hobby series Nendoroid always has a lot of upcoming releases and fans of the series and of anime may have felt snubbed that only Miyazawa Fuuka (from the anime Aquatope on White Sand) was released instead of the Okinawan character Misakino Kukuru. So in Quarter 3 they will be releasing Kyan Reki (from the anime SK8 the Infinity) and in Quarter 4 they will be releasing Mugen (from the anime Samurai Champloo) — both are currently available for pre-order. We believe this is the first time we’re seeing Okinawan anime characters (and yes, we have a whole new post on anime and Okinawa in the works!) in Nendoroid form and it’s interesting as Samurai Champloo is like 19 years old (aired in 2004) while the SK8 anime is newer having debuted in 2021 but better late than never? So maybe picking up one or both of them is like owning a piece of hobby history but we’re hoping this is a sign of more to come. ❤️

Parsha cluB to Release New Eisaa Collection Album

Longtime readers of Karakui/Riccin know that we’re BIG fans of Parsha cluB. We view the band as a bridge between Rinken Band and BEGIN, and also as a link to new music created by Yonaha Toru and others. So it’s with great pleasure that we see a new 30th anniversary album from them of eisaa music set to be released on June 20! The album will feature a total of 9 remastered songs and a couple on CD for the first time. We don’t see a lot of their music released outside of Okinawa/Japan so your best bet is to import them or get them on your next trip.

Nakasone Hajime’s Amazing 2023

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One of the nicest and humblest humans we’ve met, Nakasone Hajime is having an amazing 2023 and it’s much deserved. He recently announced his marriage and now he has a new album “En” that will be released on June 3rd. Can you believe that it’s already been 7 years since his previous album “Ten” was released? Much love and congratulations to Hajime.

Seven Oops New Single “Yoake” Has a Full Music Video

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Yoake” (released 3/13) is the 3-piece Okinawa pop rock band Seven Oops‘s 14th single and their first release in 3 years! The song is amazing and we’ve had it on repeat since its release. The topping on the cake is that the band recently released a full music video for “Yoake” that has us feeling nostalgic walking the streets at dawn. We love the part where Nanae, Maiko and Keita are running and when Maiko catches up them they’re all smiles. 🥰

Seven Oops’s “Yoake” Music Video

Brandon Ufugusuku Ing’s New Single “Miji”


Brandon is out with a new single “Miji”!

This song was written not only as a response to the water crisis situation at Kapūkakī, also known as Red Hill on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi, but also to the situation in Okinawa. There too, the drinking water is being poisoned by the US military. The words and ideas in the song can be applied to either place, as well as anywhere indigenous peoples’ natural resources are compromised by oppressive colonization and/or militarization.

Miura Daichi Goes to Space (Kinda)

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Miura Daichi recently released a new digital single (he’s been on quite a streak lately with new songs!) and this one takes him to space, well kinda. For his new song “ALOS”, Daichi is working with JAXA for their new “Daichi (ALOS)” satellite series. His single before this was the theme song for an anime and now he has a song literally going to space. So what’s next?! And you better believe the song is available everywhere on Earth and beyond! 🛰️👩🏻‍🚀👽

Shimoji Isamu’s “Karai”

Shimoji Isamu’s “Karai” Album Cover

I can’t believe it’s Shimoji Isamu’s first album in 4 years! Released on 12/24/22, “Karai” has a total of 12 tracks with an MV released for “Kyuu nu Yuu nu Suu” (the 2nd song on the album). What’s great is that it’s been released on all streaming platforms. Sadly, his back catalog hasn’t been released on streaming platforms but at least we now have hope that we’ll one day see them available to fans.

MV for “Kyuu nu Yuu nu Suu”